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Boomers Gen Z Millenials Alphas

Boomers and members of GenX are retiring. Millennials, now in their early 40s, will soon enough be right behind them.

That means GenZ soon enough will make up the majority of the job force. Right behind them is what is coming to be known as Generation Alpha (those born after 2013.)

Take a look at the statistic at the link I’ve pasted in this post’s first comment:

There are 72.24 million Millennials in the U.S., followed by 69.58 million members of GenZ. So far (as of 2022), there are 38.55 million Alphas born between 2013 and 2022.

Unlike Boomers and even GenX – which are “generations” that each are about 20 years long – Millennials, GenZ and Alpha generations are “just” 15 years long.

Do you see a trend in population? It’s going down.

Which means it could become a candidate’s market in a few years. A LONG-LASTING candidate’s market. (Some population experts believe birth trends will remain lower for decades to come.)

What does that mean for employers? It’s time to start REALLY start focusing on the candidate experience!

What are your thoughts?

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