As we have passed the two month time frame of the government shutdown to address the Covid-19 outbreak, I think it is time to look back at some of the things we have learned in the past 9 weeks and counting. The first thing I really want to look at is how blessed we all are. Many folks have (rightly in my opinion) been looking at the government imposed shutdown of businesses as a negative thing and everything associated with it as negative. While I agree the “cure” here, at least so far appears to be far worse than the sickness, this “forced pause” has allowed us to look at the many blessings we have in our lives.

Many of us have had the opportunity to reconnect with our own families if that doesn’t sound too absurd. We’ve rediscovered the art of in person conversation, of sharing meals together again every day and of the small daily joys of preparing those meals and household chores and improvements. We’ve had a time to “stop and smell the roses”. We’ve rediscovered walks outside, nature, the sounds of birds singing and the smell of spring in the air. Not in recent memory were these senses so very exercised!

Christine and I were incredibly fortunate to close on a new home in the beautiful West End of Allentown in late January before all of this shutdown. With the home being 95 years old, it has given us plenty of small projects to undertake as we make it our own. Moving back into the city of Allentown where I grew up has been a wonderful experience after 20 years in the suburbs. Christine is a Philadelphia native so the neighborhood feel was also particularly important to her. Immediately when we moved in, we had a new neighbor come across the street with brownies welcoming us. During this entire shutdown, we’ve had a neighbor singing on her porch nightly at 7 PM God Bless America! Some times in a mask, sometimes not. The welcome and feel of this place is special and we are clearly blessed.

After about 7 weeks of dead silence, our business which was having its best quarter in history is roaring back to life with demand from both new and current clients. It feels good to be engaged and productive once again! I just feel it is important that if you haven’t taken this time to reflect on how truly fortunate we are to be living at the greatest time in human history with so much abundance around us, trust me, you will feel better about EVERYTHING going on once you do.

As we all clamor to return to our previously scheduled lives, PLEASE pause for a moment and take away from this event the positives-there are many if you look for them. Gratitude is good for the soul. Embrace and cherish what you are grateful for. This exercise has an amazing ability to reset the mind in a positive manner and to really allow us to get out of live what we should. Our world is slowly coming back to life-remember that even in crisis there is a whole lot to be grateful for!