Hello Yellow!

Well, we made it. Sort of. Not really. Actually we’re far from there. But we’re out of the house. Kinda. On Friday, the Lehigh Valley went YELLOW in  Governor Wolf’s stoplight re-emergence nomenclature. What does this mean for all of us? Well, we can go out and dine and have a drink. Outside. In takeout packaging largely. Theoretically while wearing masks, some of the time. While seeing other humans after months of the stay at home order has been exciting for most, we are far from where we were in early March. As we hopefully progress to GREEN and beyond, there are still some significant things we in the business community need to consider.
We are here in early June. Quarter 1 ended with a screeching halt in mid-March and limped a few weeks to the finish line. Quarter 2 now has 3 1/2 weeks left. What are we going to do about it? Where are you with your business goals for the quarter? How about for 2020 as whole? This pandemic has hit EVERYONE at the bottom line but what can we do about it? We can’t scrap the year. Not in early June! Numbers are still there. Goals are still there. Targets are still there. Who says they cannot be reached? They can. But it’s going to take immediate and decisive action!
We saw some terrific hiring news with the May jobs report released Friday. Without a doubt, the PPP factored into the record hiring numbers (but one would also have to conclude that the economists making these predictions factored that in already). Regardless of causality or coincidence, we are going in a much needed positive direction and the consumer confidence rising with it certainly helps!
There is absolutely going to be significant growing pains in the hospitality industry for the foreseeable future but many other industries are getting back after it as of today and they are all looking to make up for lost time. Companies are hiring. Take a look at LinkedIn. People are starting new jobs every day! COVID-19 has forced ALL companies to more closely examine how and with whom they are doing business. In many regards, I expect companies coming out of this to be even more efficient, better run and more profitable. As is always the case, in order to grow, you need talent. Vision and strategy at the executive level are critical but without talent, the execution will inevitably suffer.
The time is now to elevate your talent pool and to acquire the talent you need to grow your business. I am not encouraging reckless action but those who act NOW will find a far more willing to listen talent pool coming out of the COVID government shutdown than they will see in 2 months. Employees are reflecting on how they were treated during this time. Many companies went above and beyond to show their employees how much they mean to the organization. Others, not so much. Talented individuals that were blissfully employed in early March may show themselves to be more receptive to taking a recruiter’s call at this time. These are the people you will need to get you to your 2020 goals. The iron is white hot. It’s time to strike!