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Boomers Gen Z Millenials Alphas

Boomers and members of GenX are retiring. Millennials, now in their early 40s, will soon enough be right behind them ...
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Summer Summer Summer Time

I know, I know: summer’s just about over! I’m torn up about it, too… Yet, if you’re looking for a ...
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Economic Development in the Lehigh Valley

More than two dozen economic development projects started here in the Lehigh Valley in the first half of 2023, according ...
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Evaluating people

“In evaluating people, you look for three qualities: Integrity, Intelligence and Energy. The most important is Integrity. If they don’t ...
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How to best utilize a third-party recruiter

I receive a lot of calls and inquiries via LinkedIn about how to best work with a recruiter. As simple ...
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Professional Searching – Retained Search or Contingent Search?

As companies have returned (or are returning) to work, the re-focus on recruiting and how to best execute recruiting initiatives ...
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