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It is tough…..

It’s tough out there when it comes to attracting great talent.

What’s more, businesses are increasingly going to have to adapt to hybrid work models: top talent is requiring it.

Some tips to help you do both:

· Leverage your employer brand: showcase how your company’s opportunities and values stand out from your competitors. (Added bonus: you’ll attract candidates who like your values, while “discouraging” candidates who don’t from applying.

· Embrace digital recruiting. Hard. Interview via video. Hold virtual job fairs. Post on social media frequently – offering posts that provide value on job search, career progression, etc.

· Provide remote and hybrid work options. The best talent today clamors for these benefits and will ignore your opportunities unless you offer – at minimum – the opportunity to work remotely two or so days a week.

· Support employee well-being by promoting – and walking your talk – work-life balance. Offer wellness programs, mental health support. Focus more on results and less on “when” the work is done.

These are my ideas. If you’ve been successful in finding great employees, share your tips with us here.

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