glasses lying on an open antique book on a dark table

So….what are you reading?

The people that know me well, know I am a reading dork. An information junkie. Always trying to read more, gather more insights, find a deeper understanding of things I THINK I understand. As such, I read dozens of links off LinkedIn every day, news articles and more than anything, books. I am an old school, book, not tablet guy but to me reading is reading. I still get satisfaction from turning pages!
With Summer vacations upon us and people having (theoretically) more time to unwind and catch up with reading, what are you reading? What is the best book you’ve read in the past 6 months?? I just finished Know What’ You’re FOR by Jeff Henderson. Excellent read! The book got better and better as you got more into it! Perhaps my favorite excerpt from the book is an exchange between the author and  a mentor of his. Jeff Henderson asked what he thought was a fantastic question-“What is your definition of success?” The mentor replied, “That’s the wrong question. Success is measuring yourself against other people. Excellence is measuring yourself against your own potential. When you choose excellence, you move closer to your potential. You’ve got a lot of potential Jeff. The question isn’t about success; the question is, ‘Will you move closer to your potential?'” Absolutely loved this!!
This was probably ranked 1A of my past 6 months. Number 1 was Atomic Habits by James Clear. Both exceptional books with numerous powerful takeaways! I’m reaching out to the Lehigh Valley (and beyond) business community-what are you reading? What should everyone be consuming to make our business community (and our community overall) a better place? Looking forward to hearing everyone’s input!
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